ombre nail artk
You guys.  I’m obsessed.  I don’t know what it is but I’m all of a sudden in love with nail art.  I was really nervous to try the ombre because well, I’m not super skilled… yet haha!  I thought it looked really hard and I knew for sure I was going to be all sorts of frustrated with it.  WELL HOLY CRAP.  IT’S soooooooooooooo EASY!  If it weren’t for the fact that you have to re-apply polish to the sponge after each nail, it would literally take less time than painting your nails a solid color.  Because you’re using a sponge and allowing air into the paint, your nails dry SUPER fast.  No waiting around with this one- I love it!  What do you guys think?!
You’ll need::
1:: a base coat — I’m really loving this one.  It has a hint of white to it so it helps the colors pop.  Using a base will help the color stay on longer
2:: white polish — I bought this one from China Glaze.  I haven’t decided if I love China Glaze polish or not.  It’s really thick so it can sometimes be hard to put on, but the color is really great
3:: three coordinating colors.  Mine are, from lightest to darkest, Sinful Colors Easy Going Hazard and Thimbleberry
4:: a top coat.  BUY THIS ONE.  You won’t regret it.  It’s amazing.  Dries super fast, keeps the nails looking crisp for DAYS!
5:: Makeup sponges
6:: Scissors
7:: Vaseline (optional)
8:: Cuticle Oil (optional)
ombre nail art
1:: Apply base coat – let dry
2:: Apply one coat of white – let dry
3-4:: Cut a makeup sponge to fit your nail
5:: Apply vaseline around your nails, it’ll help the nail polish 
come off your fingers
6:: Get your three colors ready and then apply a row of the lightest 
color onto your makeup sponge.  You want there to be enough that
 it looks wet
7:: Apply the next color to the middle
8:: Apply the darkest color to the top
9-10:: Blot the makeup sponge onto the nail a few times until 
the entire nail is covered.  You’ll see how easy it is once you’re doing it!
11::  Finish all the nails, re applying color after EACH nail
12::  Once it’s all dry, apply your top coat
13:: Dab a q-tip into some nail polish remover and clean up 
the cuticles.  Apply cuticle oil if desired

Hope you like them!You can always get more ideas here: Pinterest~Ombre Nails