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We are Natalie and Mary and we would like to welcome you to 10-Little-Fingers,a place devoted to all the pretty things.. fashion, beauty,lifestyle,trends,and decoration,but mainly nail art!We decided to start this blog in August 2012,when we found ourselves on the balcony sharing a bottle of red polish rather than one of red wine (again?) while checking out nail tutorials online.

Having reviewed several nail products throughout the years, we decided to go for our own Ebay space where we could make available to other nail-holics the ones that we found to be most unique&of the best quality. Enter our nail bar to
 find a wide range of nail stickers&decals,full wraps,foils,beads,and nail caviar, while in the DIY section you can spot great ideas,videos,tutorials,and tips on how to create amazing homemade manicures.We are surfing the net spotting the most creative nail projects and every Friday we will be sharing one with you.

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You will find a lot of great stuff in the DIY section and you might want to copy-paste some of them.However,please respect the time and effort these lovely ladies invested in creating their tutorials and remember to mention their sites/blogs if you want to reproduce them. When we reproduce images,articles and posts from other blogs and sites,we always provide the full URL or the creator’s name.Please respect other bloggers' copyrights, as you would want them to respect yours!

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