The Nail Bar

Do you think that drawing on your nails is difficult, tiresome, or expensive?
(well,truth is that painting with the left hand can be quite a challenge for right-handers,right?). Maybe you are impressed by nail art tutorials you spot on Pinterest that seem amazing, but when you notice they involve some tweezers, a bunch of toothpicks, and many tiny brushes they seem to be something of a mission impossible!?

Ladies.. time to get mani-cured!
In our blog you will find some great nail art inspiration 
{don't fret newbies,most of the projects are really simple&fun} 
you can check out our little shop for a wide variety of high-quality nail goodies 
to achieve them easily.
 So sit back, relax, and get ready for some manicure magic!

                                  Nail Stickers  

Working with nail art stickers is very simple, they have non-toxic glue at the back and they are the easy way to update your manicure in no time! There are so many different designs to choose from, and you can combine them with different color nail polish each time to achieve a unique style. Beware though.. they can get highly addcitive!

Water Decals

Cute, rock, or elegant? It’s your choice..Our wide variety of water decals will give you hundreds of instant professional-quality designs that will within minutes make your nails loom as if you had a tiny Picasso party all over them! Nail decals look like tattoos, they are thinner than stickers - you plunge them in warm water (not hot!) and when they come off the sheet you place them on the nail.

TIP! Wet your nail before placing the decal on it, this way you can maneuver it as you wish before you decide its final position. When you decide where you actually want it, just take off the excess water with a tissue and apply a generous amount of top coat – easy right? 

Nail Foils
Need some extra sparkle for a special event? Nail foils are probably the best option. You cut them down to the shape of your nail, so they fit any nail size, while you can also combine many different colors of foils too.


What an innovation.. they are simple,quick,and really convenient - you can carry a packet in your handbag and apply them in less than 30 minutes! They are categorized into Self-adhesive Patches (with glue on their back, look like full stickers) & Water Decal ones, and are offered in packs of 10,12 or 14 wraps. They can last up to a full week provided you look after your nails.

TIP! You can achieve an even better result if you warm the wrap with a hair dryer during and after application!

Now to the finishing touches.. gems, caviar, rhinestones, and other kinds of beads are also available in many colors to embellish your nail art projects – caviar anyone?  

**When you purchase any of the above, relevant instructions for use are included.




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